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Our entire family takes part in caring for our animals and land!

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Dapple Valley Farm Baby Goats

About Our Family Farm

Jason and Becky made dreams come true on 38 acres in Alexandria, KY.

Family-Operated Goat Farm

Dapple Valley Farm is a local, family-operated goat farm. Two years ago, we purchased 38 acres of land to make our farming dreams come true. We started on just four acres, but we knew we wanted a good farm life surrounded by animals. When we found our home, we started fencing right away to prepare. After stumbling upon the sweetest goats at stockyards, we added them to the family and watched as they cleared the hillside.

Beyond The Dapple

Our land is filled with animals that make the farm feel whole. You’ll find everything from donkeys and pigs to sheep and alpacas to turkeys, ducks, and chickens. We also have a range of dairy goats and meat goats, including Nigerian Dwarfs and Nubians.

Dapple Goats

Dapple Goats

We’re always adding to the Dapple Valley family. It all started at an auction where we fell in love with a goat that had the most beautiful markings. Now, with more than 200 goats, we want to share that love with the community. We’re so passionate about what we do and love our animals as part of the family. They’re constantly being admired, cuddled, and visited by friends and extended family. Now that we’re breeding and selling our gorgeous Dapples, we want to make sure the community knows that we’re not like other farms.

Dapple Valley Farm Trading


Whether you have one goat or an entire farm, we’re open to potential trades.

Dapple Valley Farm Fresh Eggs & Goat Milk

Farm Fresh Eggs & Goat Milk

We’re excited to provide our community with farm fresh eggs and goat milk. In the future, we hope to offer even more products like soap and beyond.

Dapple Valley Farm Stud Service

Stud Services

Many of our goats come with all of their papers and documentation. Reach out if you’re interested in stud services with one of our many fantastic bucks available.

Dapple Fun Facts

Dappled Goats keep the same coloring from birth into adulthood
Dapples are also known as Spotted Boer goats and are recognizable by their unique pattern and backward-curved horns
Boers are a South African breed known for being hardy and docile

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